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Free Consultations Expectations:

  1. Legal Consultation for an Individual: 15 min. by Zoom or phone. What legal services do you need? What are possible next steps? 
  2. Mediation Consultation for a Couple: 30 min. by Zoom or phone. What mediation services do you need? What are possible next steps? Alternatively, I meet with each partner individually for 15 min. and ask these questions.
  3. Collaborative Divorce Information Session for a Couple: 45 min. by Zoom only with me and another collaborative divorce attorney. Usually a financial neutral and a mental health neutral, (divorce coach), join us. What are the ways couples separate or divorce? What is collaborative divorce? What is a neutral professional? We offer information only, not advice.

You are under no obligation to hire me or any of the other professionals who join me in these free consultation(s). We are available for follow up as long as I/we don’t have a conflict of interest. We promise to listen to what you need and honestly decide whether you would benefit from our services.

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