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The primary goals of both wills and trusts are to provide for your family and to protect yourself. You direct the administration of your estate and what happens to your assets, minimizing the need for court intervention. Proactive estate planning helps to avoid family conflicts in times already fraught with difficulties. Let me help and support you as you confront your own mortality.

Divorce can be a challenging transition. It can also be a healing experience. I have helped couples complete their marital transitions with calmness and kindness for more than thirty-three years. My goal is to help you through your divorce in a way that honors your marriage, your family, and your future.

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Someone you know has died. What happens next? Probate is the legal process that transfers property from a deceased person to the survivors. With or without a will, I can walk you through the necessary steps to a sometimes complicated process. Let me reassure you that you do not need to do this alone. My role is to ease your interactions with the legal system. 

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Admitted to the Washington State Bar in 1982, I work primarily in collaborative family law and divorce mediation. By definition, collaborative professionals are peacemakers. I help people negotiate mutually beneficial agreements. We only go to court to formalize those agreements. I offer resources and make referrals. I and my network of interdisciplinary professionals are available to serve your legal, financial and emotional needs.​​​

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